Eradicating vampires without mods.

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Eradicating vampires without mods. Empty Eradicating vampires without mods.

Post by fairy2211 on Sun 08 Jul 2018, 21:05

I'm not a big fan of the vampires unless my sim is one and I don't play that very often. They are mostly annoying additions and I don't use items and cosmetics from the game pack much at all besides a few times when I play with a Victorian era family.. Is there a way I can eradicate all the vampires without learning the potion through the skill or mods, like does testingcheats have an option for it that works? Sometimes some testingcheats things do not work well for me.  Oh my... Even if it is just, turning the vampires into regular sims I'm willing to do it for my non-vampire saves!


- Amber

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