Sims keep wearing CC Shoes while changing into Towel (a bug?)

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Sims keep wearing CC Shoes while changing into Towel (a bug?)

Post by squinter on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 07:50

Hi, I've done a search on this forum and specific in-game topics but haven't found the topic yet so here goes..

I recently discovered that my sims (both the ones i made and the NPCs) keep on wearing random CC shoes while changing into towel at the gym. I tried removing the troublesome CC after identifying which one is it, but it didn't fix the problem because it only changed into another pair of CC shoes (which I have to remove, again).

I have installed the latest patch (courtesy of G4TW) but unfortunately i can't remember whether this issue happened before or after I installed the latest patch cause my sims rarely went to the gym.

Does anyone have the same problem? Any idea on how to fix it without reinstalling everything?
I've tried fixing the CCs using S4S but it's still appearing after several fixing tries.

Looking forward to any reply and help. Thanks! Smile

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