Can't move household in Resets CAS

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Can't move household in Resets CAS

Post by Desolve on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 19:16

So, when I make a household it takes me through the normal choosing season and world. Then when I move them into a lot, it takes me back to CAS and I have to make new sims, I try to move them in and it repeats itself. Anyone know how to fix this?


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Re: Can't move household in Resets CAS

Post by anadius on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 19:33

Try running your game without any CC and mods. Go to "Documents\Electronic Arts" and rename "The Sims 4" to "The Sims 4_". The game will re-create this folder so if you want to get your saves, mods and CC back just delete "The Sims 4" and rename "The Sims 4_" to "The Sims 4".

If that solves your problem it means some mods or CC are breaking your game. SimsVIP has a list of broken/updated mods, Sims 4 Studio can fix most of CC.

If that doesn't help try this and post the result here.

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