Cheat codes not working!!

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Cheat codes not working!! Empty Cheat codes not working!!

Post by essierix on Mon 16 Jul 2018, 18:28

Hi, I recently just finished installing the Sims 4 (along with the newest update), but most of the cheats cannot work. Only money cheats work such as kaching and motherlode. I tried putting in testing cheats true/enabled/on, etc. but after it says cheats are enabled, the cheats still don't register into the system.. I just want the build cheats such as bb.moveobjects.. Anybody please help, thanks!!


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Cheat codes not working!! Empty Re: Cheat codes not working!!

Post by rev22x20 on Thu 09 Aug 2018, 02:16

This is weird....So far all my cheats work (that is, the cheats that EA dint delete aka This list )

Have you tried without your mods folder? Maybe you have a script mod that's screwing up with your game.

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