Idk if this was posted already delete if need to

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Idk if this was posted already delete if need to

Post by mystichaze on Wed 18 Jul 2018, 08:09

I am having a frustrating time with this still birth notification that pops up on my screen I tried everything to make it stop but it still continues to pop up on my screen to change the name of the babies that are miscarriaged it makes me so frustrated! Is there anything I can do to fix it??! I did download the new game patch it still happening!!!
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Re: Idk if this was posted already delete if need to

Post by anadius on Wed 18 Jul 2018, 10:12

Try running your game without any CC and mods. Go to "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4" and move "Mods" folder out of there.

If that solves your problem it means some mods or CC are breaking your game. SimsVIP has a list of broken/updated mods, Sims 4 Studio can fix most of CC.

If removing mods and CC doesn't help, delete "Game" folder from your Sims 4 installation directory and download fresh one from here.

If nothing above helps try this and post the result here.

The Sims 4 alternative installer v2 | The Sims 4 validator | The Sims 4 language changer and DLC toggler
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