Cannot grow any plants as it is always 'too cold' (even during a heatwave)

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Cannot grow any plants as it is always 'too cold' (even during a heatwave)

Post by DEaas on Sat 21 Jul 2018, 12:46

Hi. My issue is quite minor, however it does make it impossible to plant anything since I got Seasons (and the patch).
After updating my game, the new planting mechanics that come with Seasons prevent me to be able to plant anything, telling me it's too cold despite a hot temperature, or if they're in a greenhouse (indoors). Once I have a growing plant (if I cheat in an Apple Tree with bb.showhiddenobjects for example) it works fine, but I am prevented from growing nearly everything due to this issue.

I have tried removing all CC/mods and reloading my Electronic Arts folder for the Sims 4 (in documents) and I am fully updated to the latest patch release (on games4theworld). Hopefully this posted in the right place and is an issue you could possibly help with!


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