Sims 4 updated crack?

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Sims 4 updated crack? Empty Sims 4 updated crack?

Post by NuKaJunKy on Wed 25 Jul 2018, 17:30

I have a cracked version of sims 4, if i download the new updated version will that update my game or will i lose my game and have to restart?


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Sims 4 updated crack? Empty Re: Sims 4 updated crack?

Post by rev22x20 on Thu 26 Jul 2018, 03:22

Updated crack how? As far as I am concerned, G4TW hasn't released an updated cracked version of TS4 since Seasons came out.

If you download the crack they provide and update your game, nothing happens to your save games.
I don't know what will happen if you download a crack updated version from another place.

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