The advertisements on the Forum.

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The advertisements on the Forum.  Empty The advertisements on the Forum.

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 06 Aug 2018, 18:20

Dear Users,

The following is an informational post about the adverts that we use on this Forum here, to help us with financing the operational costs of the G4TW platform.

I.) Linkvertise.

Due to a number of complaints about the adfly-service (mostly about "family-unfriendly ads"), we're slowly changing to a new service: "Linkvertise". We're going to add this link shortener to most of the download links here. A brief explanation on how to progress through the ads:

Click on "discover interesting articles":

The advertisements on the Forum.  9C5i77Z

After which a window will come up looking like this; click on the "x" in the top right corner (it can take up to 15 seconds for the window to close, though).

The advertisements on the Forum.  CbBRdii

Update: after clicking that "x", you will now also need to watch an ad-video (unless you want to endure that, we recommend turning off the audio for the duration of the video/muting the browser tab, and/or briefly switching to a different browser tab). Haters gonna hate 

The advertisements on the Forum.  89mWueS

After you've endured the video - or not - click on "Continue", wait 15 seconds, and then "Continue to Website". Which will then lead you to the destination link. Note that the video is typically 1:30 in length.

The advertisements on the Forum.  ZLmO8mI

The video-portion of the Linkvertise will only be present in the announcement of new game releases. The videos will then be removed after one week. So after a week of a new game release you then only have the portion with "Discover interesting articles".

Additional note/update: releases for the Indie Corner-project will be excluded from these adverts, so you are able to grab them without having to go through any ads! Please grab the Indie Corner releases directly from the announcements under "Latest News", in order to do so!

Happy B-day! Can't touch banana Heeeeeey, Macarena

II.) "Infolinks"

If adblockers are disabled (only), you will notice that certain words on the Forum are going to be "highlighted". These keywords show up in orange, and to distinguish them from normal links: the info-links are those links with a dotted/punctured underline.

The advertisements on the Forum.  CO5Qbik

If you hover with the mouse over these "Infolinks", a small window will show up. 

The advertisements on the Forum.  P4RGMXJ

If you decide to click on the link you will be re-directed to their site, from which you then are able to use their search (for what it's worth)...

III.) Spending the money...?

You may be wondering what we do with the income from these advertisements, and I would be happy to share! We've started using a "Premium" package for the forum. We pay a set amount of money to Forumotion each month, and it enables a number of nice additional features. To name a few: 

Arrow  The forum now has its own, personal domain. In fact, Games4theworld purchased a couple of domains, and you can reach the Forum by going to:

Arrow  (not related to Forumotion) Direct download links for various services (mostly GoogleDrive, MediaFire & can be kept up. Please note that in spite of that, we are - still - unable to offer reliable and permanent direct download options for our repacks. That may or may not change in the future.

Arrow  Advanced search is now enabled on the Forum.

Arrow  The Forum now has an SSL certificate.

Arrow  The Administrators now have a few more options in the Adminpanel.

Arrow  The team receives gifts from time to time, for their hard work.

Arrow  Last but not least, we're also saving up for (good) third-party hosting solutions, including a possibility to host a new Minecraft server on our own 'server infrastructure'.

IV.) Background information & Basic troubleshooting

Exclamation     If you are skeptical about this type of advertising in general and/or your antivirus software happens to "false-flag" our site and/or these download links, please do not ask us to remove these ads. Just grab your (Sims) downloads from a different site then.

Exclamation    If you are basically willing to support us, but you may be 'deterred' by the number of download links we are running through the advertising company (yes, most of our download links here are "shortened"), there are some partial remedies. You can still grab our old releases from The Piratebay, without any of these Linkvertise/Infolink-ads. Except I suppose from whatever ads The PirateBay themselves are using, and over which we - of course - have no control. Or you can also grab our old releases from the "abandoned" old G4TW-website, including all of the TS3 store items. The items that you can find on The Piratebay and that old website make up about 80% of all G4TW releases, and the rest/newer stuff is run through the Linkvertise, on this Forum here.

Exclamation    You do NOT need to actually click on any of the ad-windows (presented on the Linkvertise-page) in order to eventually reach the download links. For some reason this seems to be a very common misconception. Just follow the above guidelines on reaching the destination download links, and you'll be fine.

Exclamation    Some users have pointed out in a cynical fashion that it doesn't matter that we have moved away from adfly, as - so their claim goes - "people hate the Linkvertise just as much, if not more". As stated at the beginning of this post, the reason we have moved from adfly was motivated by the fact that adfly use "inappropriate/family-unfriendly ads", which is not the case with Linkvertise seemingly. And of course there will always be people who hate any type of ads. But guess what? If (some) people hate ads no matter what, then they're not the kind of user that we would want to have around here either way. These users should really move on, then.

Exclamation    Regarding technical problems on the side of the advertising company: if you cannot access a download link and are greeted with some error message, try again later. We are not going to abandon the general policy because of temporary technical issues, however, in special case exceptions can (and have been!) made. Please wait for respective announcements from the Forum Administrators.

Exclamation    Despite the adversity that our platform is facing, we still strive towards a family-friendly 'look' of our platform. G4TW is basically a very small niche-interest platform, but our activities still attract a lot of heat and vitriol from various sources; therefore possibilities for advertising on G4TW are more limited than on "mainstream" internet platforms. You should also know that - for example - we are banned and barred from Google's AdSense. In consequence it is theoretically possible that on occasion some inappropriate ads show up on the Linkvertise and/or the Infolinks. Please understand that just because inappropriate ads can slip by sometimes, it doesn't mean we approve of them. Help us by reporting these adverts; have a look at section VI. of the Forum FAQ ("If you want to report a particular advertisement") for more information.

Exclamation    Somewhat related to the previous paragraph. On G4TW we sometimes feature or endorse downloads from third-parties, who are not part of the G4TW platform, even though they may have a colored username on the Forum here. This is very important to recognize. We do not check regularly what these third-parties do, on their own platforms. If you feel there is some sort of 'issue' with platforms of third-parties/guest contributors/collaborators, again, please do not assume that we automatically approve of anything specific that they do. We endorse them initially, yes, but later down the road they may introduce new changes on their own, that may or may not be good. We shall leave it to your own judgment and discretion on what you feel could be an issue with these external platforms, so please make an effort and communicate with us - in a civil manner - if you feel something is 'off'.

Exclamation    If you get an endless loading circle or it keeps prompting your to disable adblockers when trying to bypass the adverts, try clearing your browser cache & cookies, and restart the browser. You could also check your browser extensions or plugins, and disable them one-by-one. You could also try using a different browser. However, in our experience issues like these do not happen very often in the first place, so until we have more knowledge about these issues, we shall leave it at that and update this guide as warranted in case of new developments.

Exclamation    Furthermore, if you get endless loading circles/screens, check your browser settings if Javascript is allowed. Example from Chrome/Chromium/Iridium browser, under Settings => Advanced.

The advertisements on the Forum.  JNqfFXm

The advertisements on the Forum.  ZXzYvgk

Exclamation    Check your antivirus software and/or VPN provider if they have some functionality regarding ad-blocking, and make the necessary exclusions. In some cases it is also possible that your router/modem has some built-in functionality regarding ad-blocking, in which case you could try tweaking the settings of your router firmware. Consult the documentation of your router and/or ask your ISP for further help if needed. It's also worth emphasizing that in the end, the only people who benefit from these built-in obstacles (browsers, security software, router firmware, VPNs, etc.) are copyright holders and their stooges: it will almost certainly deter or scare off quite a lot of pirate-users, and thereby increasing chances of them spending money on legit copies of whatever they wanted to pirate, originally. If you cannot find any options in your VPN to disable ad-blocking, then try this: temporarily turn off your VPN when passing through the Linkvertise. Once you did, and before you start the actual download, turn the VPN back on. NordVPN, according to user reports, is especially prone to this behavior.

Exclamation    Sometimes you also have to do odd steps which are not necessarily obvious at first glance. For example, Firefox users can try clicking on the green padlock on the left of the URL mask, and in the window that comes up, click on "Turn off blocking for this site". It may not be a necessity in case of accessing Linkvertise, but it's still nice to keep in mind for other uses.

The advertisements on the Forum.  UQ2fMhN

Exclamation    Another odd step would be for you to try and change your default DNS servers, see for example this guide here to learn how.

Exclamation    Remember we are all volunteers, and we invest a lot of time and efforts in making your visit to Games4theworld a pleasurable one.

Exclamation    If you are an advertiser wishing to be featured on this site, or even if you are a user/follower having suggestions for other advertising possibilities, feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact-form.

"Under sun and sky, we greet you warmly"

The advertisements on the Forum.  Bn60syW to Games4theworld

The advertisements on the Forum.  20181110

☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠
☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠
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The advertisements on the Forum.  Empty Re: The advertisements on the Forum.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 22 Aug 2018, 18:29

[adm]Just a reminder in addition to what has been said above: we do not condone any messages or means that circumvent, or otherwise undermine the current policy of ad-shortened links.

"Otherwise?", you may ask. "You shall see", I will reply.  Carlos is tha man  What a Face  Red star from Carlos

Again, it's perfectly fine for you to disapprove of these ads, just as it is within your prerogative to grab your downloads from a different source than G4TW. Understand that the implementation of the policy for the time being stands as-is, and is not up to debate.

Same with hostile messages, either posted on the Forum here or otherwise sent via e-mail or private messages. If you are so triggered by relatively friendly ads on download links, that "everything comes up again" (maybe even amplified by existing and/or perceived real-life problems on your end?), then just move on with your day, get your download $hit elsewhere, and shut up.

I'd also like to add that most of the "problematic" ads (e.g. sexual or other not-family-friendly content) should be gone now as well. Should you see any further problematic ads use the contact form here; and if possible add a screenshot to your message, showing the problem-ad.


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