Blacked out characters and missing traits

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Blacked out characters and missing traits

Post by Dwana2525 on Tue 07 Aug 2018, 03:24


So I downloaded the TS4 All-in-one including the Seasons expansion pack and have run into some problems. 

The game loads fine, but as soon as I get into CAS, my sims are blacked out as well as some of the traits not showing. The thumbnail is there but no items are inside of the thumbnail. Infact all of the sims in the game are blacked out, as well as the default families. Also, as soon as I move a family (tested it out with the glitched sims) into a property, some of the walls, floors and items have a weird red and blue gradient, with a question mark, instead of the actual material assigned to that object

Can some-one please help ? I have tried looking for ways to fix this but all the fixes refer only to the individual downloads and not to the All-in-one .iso download...


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Re: Blacked out characters and missing traits

Post by Tarac on Tue 07 Aug 2018, 11:02

Are you using mods/Custom Content ?
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