Can I skip some expansions?

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Can I skip some expansions?

Post by amandy24 on Wed 08 Aug 2018, 20:26

Hi, first of all I'm recently installing the sims 4, I used to play sims 3 and I downloaded it from here and when I installed packs i followed the instructions but skipped some packs and it worked just fine. My question is can I do the same for sims 4? 

I have the base game installed, get to work and get together (all 3 of them from here) but I want to install city living and THEN Cats and Dogs and THEN Seasons, I don't want the rest of the packs. Is that possible? (thats what I did with sims 3)

2) In case I can, I also read in the guide that you have to rename the "game" folder when installing toddlers (step 7). Do I have to do that too? Or just ignore all of it since I'm not installing that pack?

I hope I asking in the right section, thanks.


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Re: Can I skip some expansions?

Post by anadius on Wed 08 Aug 2018, 21:55

Not with G4TW releases, you need to install all of them. Try this instead:

I didn't upload update on forum because I'm working on new installer format so after installing full patch you can use update from G4TW.

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