Sims 4 keeps crashing

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Sims 4 keeps crashing Empty Sims 4 keeps crashing

Post by Torina27 on Thu 09 Aug 2018, 17:22

Hi! I installed The Sims 4, all expansions and the latest patch today. I did everything exactly like it is explained in instructions. However, when I enter game there is a pop-up window saying: Your computer has insufficient memory to run The Sims 4 with your currently installed pack(s). This may lead to poor game stability. I have 23.4 GB free on my C: disk and 2GB RAM. When I started game and it led me to CAS, I made a a family and clicked Done. Then loading screen appeared and few seconds later game crashed. Please help!


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Sims 4 keeps crashing Empty Re: Sims 4 keeps crashing

Post by anadius on Thu 09 Aug 2018, 17:40

Minimum requirements for 64-bit version of the game is 4GB RAM. You can try playing the game in 32-bit mode (just run TS4.exe) but Cats & Dogs and DLCs that came after that still require 4GB RAM so you should either delete them or disable (there's a guide on forum and a tool I wrote in my signature).

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