Parenthood Interactions Suddenly Missing

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Parenthood Interactions Suddenly Missing Empty Parenthood Interactions Suddenly Missing

Post by rmitch429 on Sun 19 Aug 2018, 17:49

Hi all.

So I downloaded the base game and all expansion packs from this awesome forum about a week ago, and I've been in Sim heaven since. It's been playing great. I love that I have all the packs and expansions. I followed the directions to the T, so I know prior to this most recent patch update I had the most up-to-date version of the game.

Yesterday I noticed that I was suddenly without the interaction to discipline kids/teens for swearing. It was there before, because I remember using it. But it has since disappeared.

I found this topic from a year ago: (I had the link provided but it says I'm not allowed to provide links so here's a copy and paste of the meat of the post:

"I've been playing parenthood for a couple weeks with no issues until my sim's child entered a phase were he's screaming profanities every few minutes. The weird part to me is that my sims can be standing next to him while he does it and they don't react at all and there's no interactions to ground or scold him in the parenting dropdown.

EDIT: This just happened while I was writing this post lol and the issue was solved. I'll post anyway and explain down here what I did to correct it in case anyone else comes looking.

I think that for some reason when I applied the 1.30 patch (before I installed Fitness stuff) that Fitness stuff overwrote something or for some reason or another the interactions were missing for scolding your kids/teens for shouting forbidden words. It's odd since it was THE ONLY missing interactions and it didn't have anything at all to do with my firewall. Putting that aside..

What I did to fix it: There's another thread on this topic of missing interactions for Parenthood and the fix is to install the patch(it includes the fix for the interactions I already did it which is also weird that they were still missing???). 
Link here(in case you can't find it yourself)

Basically I just reapplied the patch first, then reapplied Fitness Stuff after and the issue solved itself. I'm still not sure how these interactions became missing to begin with, even after I had already gone through this process before. Maybe someone has some better insight into that? "

It's my exact issue. I tried changing the permissions to folders as suggested by someone who responded to the post but that did not work. I did NOT try what the OP said fixed his/her issue, which was was a re-installation of an older patch update that I was worried might conflict or undo what this most recent patch for Seasons has accomplished. Would that be the case if I were to try it now?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I've missed an obvious solution.


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