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The Sims 4 Creativity Zone OPEN NOW!

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The Sims 4 Creativity Zone OPEN NOW! Empty The Sims 4 Creativity Zone OPEN NOW!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 06 Oct 2018, 17:51


We are now announcing the opening of a new Forum section, in which you can view and download user-made Sims 4 creations like houses or sims, namely The Sims 4 Creativity Zone

Please check out the rules here as well:

Some additional notes:

Arrow  For the moment, this is intended mainly for sims, and houses. But if anybody wants to share other types of content like CC or maybe even mods, feel free to do so.

Arrow  You will need to post a topic in The Sims Emporium first (you cannot open a new topic directly in that new Forum section). The main reason for that intermediary step is to prevent abuse along the lines of "visit my blog/YouTube channel/simblr/etc. to download the item". Your post - if approved - will be moved by the team later on. We will re-consider that step, however, in the future again. Another reason this is done is for more clarity, since a lot of creators are not sure initially if they even want to share their items, and maybe just want to ask the opinions from other users.

Arrow  I've moved a number of older topics, into the Creativity Zone, as you will notice. These are topics that were made by users, before the idea for that section even came up. Many thanks to these users, and everybody else who will yet submit items there!

Arrow  The topics are sorted alphabetically, and carry the creator's name. For that I've put the names of the G4TW user, into the topic title, for easier navigation. Again, note that normal users cannot open topics themselves there. But people can comment on topics posted there, plus the original creators can EDIT their topics, in order to add more stuff.

Arrow  Also, in contrast to "The Sims 3 Exchange" back then, we only have one Forum section for everything. This is simply to reduce cluttering of the Forum.

At present this is still a little bit of work-in-progress, but for the moment it should be enough. For any questions, post a reply down below. We hope you will appreciate this new Forum section!

Shout-outs go to the following users, who helped inspiring the eventual creation of this new Forum section!
@Aaronthesimmer, @Bliss1991, @Cat_Eye, @grieralexander, @johannshah, @LegitGaming, @Liadegrecia, @Michael_vx, @Misfit203, @Rosebud1773, @sweeteizus & @Unesty.
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