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ALL ® Games4theworld individual The Sims 3 Store items!

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ALL ® Games4theworld individual The Sims 3 Store items! Empty ALL ® Games4theworld individual The Sims 3 Store items!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 07 Oct 2018, 22:58

*Disclaimer* - please read this article here for information about the adverts used on this Forum. Additional hint, you can bookmark the destination pages once you passed through the Linkvertise, once. :p


Due to requests from users, we have come up (again) with another alternative way of grabbing .sims3pack store items! The folders under each category/link can be navigated through individually, allowing you to pick only what you want. The link under "Monthly store month items" leads to a Russian platform, but you should still be able to navigate through it. If for some unknown reason you need to understand what the text on the site says, let the site get translated by your browser. On the Russian site, use the button "Скачать" to download something.

In order to install the worlds, you should use the launcher in The Sims 3. Everything else can be installed with third-party tools such as CC Magic, which we recommend. All items are de-crapified, so the installation should go smooth. Remember though that you will still need the store fixes, in order to make the premium content items work in-game.

There is an official Sims 3 store torrent, which you can find under the list of downloads here, but this one mainly consists of condensed .package files, giving you no individual choice as to what items you want to have installed. In the (near) future we will be working on a secondary store collection, that will include these individual .sims3pack items. If you think anything is missing in any of the links below, or in case links get broken, feel free to e-mail me using the red mail-button under my Forum signature.

The "Villa Paraiso.package" under the Buildings-folder must be put under Documents\Electronic The Sims 3\Library, after which it will show up under Edit Town, in the section of pre-built residential lots. Since I wasn't able to find a working .sims3pack file for that item, I provided the house as a .package file. Have fun!  

Maybe a friendly reminder and disclaimer for the people "not fond of our type of activities": of course we have taken preventive measures against takedowns. So should you report any items and they get taken down, be aware that it just takes us a few seconds to replace the old links with new ones...and without having to re-upload anything. At all. 

Arrow  Worlds & Buildings (cloud.mail.ru)

Arrow  Monthly Store Updates June 2009 to August 2014 & Store Fixes (cloud.mail.ru)

Arrow  Alternative Mirror, all items (old G4TW website)

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