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Updates for OCTOBER 2018.

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Updates for OCTOBER 2018. Empty Updates for OCTOBER 2018.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 11 Oct 2018, 02:13


The following is a quick rundown of what you can expect in terms of new features or other changes regarding the work of Games4theworld, for October 2018. For now I will refrain from actually sending out e-mail newsletters about these "update topics"; a lot of people these days have a tendency to not take kindly to receiving newsletters (even though they signed up for them). I'll leave that topic up to ~Ann~ to decide. 

You will still, however, get automated e-mail newsletters about these "popular topics". What I mean though by the above paragraph is, that I'll refrain from sending any additional newsletters beyond those that already exist. What this also means is we will rely on people like you to spread the word about this topic, so that others can visit the Forum here and simply read up on these things themselves. I suggest you take the time to read this. Without further ado:

- New DLC and The Sims 4 features: terrain modification tools as well as a new expansion pack have been announced. As with all major updates, please prepare for that in advance by sorting your (script) mods and other custom content, so that you have less work to do later on when the DLC is in fact released.

- The Sims 4 Gallery: a few new item collections have been added, alongside existing creators having been updated as well. We will try posting updates to that thread at least every 10-14 days. Note that individual requests are suspended, and they're not coming back either.

- New file format for G4TW downloads: in order to keep up with modern times, we will be progressively switching to 7-zip (.7z) archive files, and going away from WinRAR. If you read this, please spread the word to friends/relatives and other people you know who follow G4TW. This is going to be a significant change in our operations. You can prepare for that, by downloading and installing the open-source program 7-zip, for free. No need to mess with WinRAR anymore and increasingly awkward DRM-bypasses for that program. You can also use 7-zip to unpack .rar archive files as well! Again, note that this change will be implemented progressively. We will start by using the new file format in the next repack for The Sims 4, and trickle it down to our supplementary fix-files, and other stuff. We will be adding a notice as well for some time to come, to remind people to use the new program.

- The people following the Forum surely have taken notice of the mysterious "??? Corner" subsection, which is still work-in-progress at the time of writing this. Without going into details, it will be a side-program, parallel to our main focus (The Sims). If there is any interest among some of you to help with various testing and seeding, feel free to e-mail me using the red mail button under my signature. Stay tuned!

- [TEST] New rules for editing and deleting your own messages on the Forum. For the time being, we have disabled the ability for regular users to edit and delete their own messages; exceptions are "The Sims Emporium", "The Sims 3 Exchange", "The Sims 4 Creativity Zone" as well as the subsections designated as "Fixes" or "Tips". Another exception is if you are a team member of G4TW (and have a colored username). We therefore ask you to pay attention to the comments you submit on the Forum; if - for example - you want to correct serious typos that alter the intended meaning of your comment, just post a follow-up comment (use the button "quote" or "post a new reply"). In the event of Forum Rule violations or other personal information being (accidentally) posted, they will be moderated by the G4TW team. As for everything else, we are of the opinion that regular users do not need to have these abilities. We are also aware that this has the potential to be an unpopular change and we will re-evaluate that step in the future again. For now though, this is how the cookie crumbles. In the event that there are people among you who want to make use of your "right to be forgotten", please use the Forumotion un-subscribe feature, which will delete your account and remove your username from all messages. However, individual messages will only be removed if they violate Forum Rules or contain personal information. As for anything else: pay attention to what you submit to this Forum, in the first place. It is our opinion that you cannot compel the staff to manually delete whatever comments you have submitted here.

P.S. if you want to submit a tutorial or guide related to The Sims, please post your topic in "The Sims Emporium" FIRST. In that section (which is exempt from this new change), you can freely edit your guide or creation, even after being submitted. Once you are satisfied with your guide, please message a Moderator or Administrator to review your guide. In most cases, we will then move the guide to "Fixes", "Tips" or another suitable section. 

- [TEST] New Javascript that saves posts-in-progress: we have also introduced a new Javascript that kind of "saves" written posts on the Forum, but that haven't been submitted yet. Imagine you writing a lengthier comment here or some other guide, and you accidentally close the browser or the tab, or you accidentally log off. This Javascript aims to mitigate the issue! When you now write a topic or simply reply to an existing topic, and you close the browser/tab/log off...the message will still be there next time you re-open the browser/tab/log back in. Just go to the Forum subsection that you intended to work on. If you were about to write a new topic, just click on the button "Open a new topic", and your work should still be there. If you were writing a reply, go to the Forum subsection AND the thread you were working on, and look down below. Your reply should be visible in the white box at the bottom of any topic. Plus it should also be visible if you simply click on "post a new reply". Feel free to test the new feature and if you like also let us know in a reply below if it and/or how it worked out for you!

Edit: In order for this to work, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. Also note that if you delete cookies, your posts-in-progress will be gone as well.

- Finally, and effective immediately, Forum Rule #14 is suspended, including the word filters relating to coffee. It may have been funny for the old Admin (and his friends back then, I suppose), but I guess we should not discriminate users based on their favorite drink.  Haters gonna hate

That should do for now. Thanks everybody for your attention and stay tuned for more to come!  pig
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