MSVCP120.dll not found with any install of the G4TW Sims 4

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MSVCP120.dll not found with any install of the G4TW Sims 4

Post by anonwithanA on Sat 20 Oct 2018, 23:08

I've been playing the G4TW release of the sims 4 since release but I reccently lost my old pc and had to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro. I installed windows on a partition and now I want to get back into TS4 but I'm having an issue. I've tried to install TS4 from the separate G4TW releases of the packs and Tarac's all in one but I receive the same error message when i try to start the game.

"The code execution can not proceed because MSVCP120.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

I've tried reinstalling several times with no luck.

I'm running windows 10 home on a 64 bit processor. I'm attempting the install on a windows partition on a new Macbook Pro and i follow all the instructions for how to install the sims 4 correctly. Any Advice?


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Re: MSVCP120.dll not found with any install of the G4TW Sims 4

Post by anadius on Sat 20 Oct 2018, 23:14

That file is not part of The Sims 4, it's part of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. You can find it in your game installation folder:

And while you're at it, install 2010 version too:

The Sims 4 alternative installer v2 | The Sims 4 validator | The Sims 4 language changer and DLC toggler
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