Izsmiller's creations.

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Izsmiller's creations.

Post by izsmiller on Tue 06 Nov 2018, 11:01

Hi, everyone.

In this topic, I will post most of my house builds. I don't usually use CC in my builds but I won't assure BGC since I love clutter, but I will try in my future builds. Also, I don't usually do starter homes since I really suck at keeping on budget (sksk). So to start, I'm gonna share to you my first ever build -- A Daisy Hovel Renovation.

Yeah, it's not a starter home but it's not that pricey. This build's idea is actually inspired from Wafflekone's house builds. I will forever be in love with her creations! Anyway.. this is the perfect place for a sim who loves to be surrounded by floral, fauna and succulents.

Moreover, my files' names are Lunaxbelle because that's my IGN. Just in case you're wondering Smile

- Completely CC-FREE! Unfortunately, it is not BGC. Game version must be & up;
- Lot traits: Bracing breezes & great soil
- Built in Daisy Hovel, Willow Creek;
- Use MOO when placing;
- 30x20 yet I left a medium amount of space (in the backyard) for you to somehow tweak on your own;
- 51,765 simoleons (sorry sksksk);
- 1 bedroom & 1 bath;

Some lot pictures:


Download/ Link to the tray files:

Kindly send me a message if there are any issues.
Enjoy!  Very Happy

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