CC hair issues [solved]

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CC hair issues [solved] Empty CC hair issues [solved]

Post by Turtler_Cool on Wed 21 Nov 2018, 18:40

I saw a post about CC hair not changing colour and figured out how to fix it until the fix is available here. But this fix method needs a warning that you might also break other CC items in your folder. If this happens, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR CC. I doubt it'll be long before we get the official fix here, so it may be better to just wait as this is kinda risky for your cc.

All you need is sims 4 studios. Go to content management at the top -> batch fixes -> CAS -> Enable for randoms. 

You'll have to wait a little depending on how much CC you have. It does fix most hairs, but not all. Again, make sure your CC is backed up.

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CC hair issues [solved] Empty Re: CC hair issues [solved]

Post by Loonieloose on Wed 21 Nov 2018, 19:27

sims 4 studio always backs up everyting. You can find the backup files in Documents, sims 4 studio. Open file and in there you will have the backup folders sorted by date. never had any problems with their fixes. Smile


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