TS4 GF: NPC to NPC Notification bug?

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TS4 GF: NPC to NPC Notification bug? Empty TS4 GF: NPC to NPC Notification bug?

Post by Izaquix078 on Fri 23 Nov 2018, 01:32

Good day!

So a few hours after installing Get Famous and my newly-updated mods in my game, I notice this issue that I have with my game. For some reason, I always have notifications popping up about NPCs in the area learning each other's careers and stuff like that. I tried to search where it came from, thinking that the cause was from one of my mods. At first I suspected MCCC, but even after removing the mod and clearing the cache didn't do anything. I still have the notifications showing up in my screen. It's not bienchen83 or littleMsSam's mods either, so I gathered it must be a GF bug or something but I've never read other gamers having the same issue as I have. 

Am I the only having this issue or what? Please help! It's really driving me crazy.  Why God.


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