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De Sugarpumpkin's Creations.

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De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Empty De Sugarpumpkin's Creations.

Post by Guest on Fri 23 Nov 2018, 14:19

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the EA hamster cage was horrible unrealistic and disgusting!? I got so disappointed of the look at that hamster cage that i decided to edit it to look more realistic. Plus, I was also pretty disappointed over that there was only one hamster to choose from. Come on EA, give me a break!

So I have created 2 hamster cages, a blue and a red one. The blue hamster cage comes with 10 different hamster colours and the red one comes with 12 hamster colours. The blue hamster cage is for male hamsters and the red one is for female hamsters.

The names of the colours are actually the true real names on this particular hamster colours, that actually exist in reality! I should know, cause I have been breeding hamsters since 1999  Laughing

Colours of hamsters available

  • Black
  • Black white banded
  • Black dominant spot
  • Black white banded dominant spot
  • Black eyed white
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Cream white banded
  • Yellow
  • Yellow white banded (Maxis)
  • Black tortoiseshell (Females only)
  • Black white banded tortoiseshell (Females only)

Game: My First Pet
Version: The season patch was used to creating the cages

De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Hamstersincage


De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. HamstersincageRED


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De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Empty Re: De Sugarpumpkin's Creations.

Post by Guest on Wed 23 Jan 2019, 15:06

I got awfully tired of the non realistic bar shelves that came with maxis, and also the bottles i found by a creator that was designed as clutter. She did an amazing job with the bottle mesh though. But I wanted the real deal, the real alcohol brands in my game to make it as realistic looking. I am to old to play with barbie dolls...  Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
You can create your own bar shelf with this bottles, you just need the right bookcase to that. In other words it needs to bee empty and have several slots to put decor in.

The first bottle set comes in 4 varieties with the following alcohol brands

Black Beard spiced Rum
Bailey's whiskey
Jack Daniels whiskey
Salmiakki koskenkorva
Gibson's Gin
Pink Lady Gin

De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Bo2

sunny  Download  sunny  Mesh Needed: YES  

The second set of alcohol bottles comes with two varieties, with the following brands

Tapatio Tequila
Viru Valge Salmiakki
Ouzo Plomari
6 O'clock Gin
Koskenkorva Vodka
Bombay Saphire Gin
Captain Morgan Rum

De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Bo1

sunny  Download  sunny  Mesh Needed: YES


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De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. Empty Re: De Sugarpumpkin's Creations.

Post by Unesty on Thu 24 Jan 2019, 20:17

I am not a hamster fan so I didn't notice the cages. I loved the bottles though. Good job on both of them  Carlos is tha man I tip my fedora.

De Sugarpumpkin's Creations. IcMb4F
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