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Post by Vintage on Sat 24 Nov 2018, 10:28

Hi everyone.
I'm new to this forum and I've googled a lot about my problem and tried looking over threads before last resorting to posting here but I have decided I have no other option.

I downloaded all of the Sims 4 packs from this:

I put them all onto my hard drive after I downloaded it, mounted it and installed it.
I started up my game and even tried to make my own mod folders but one doesn't seem to create for me after launching the game.
I don't mind playing without mods but there are some hairstyles and clothing I'd like to get for my sims.

Any suggestions and/or solutions? 

Thank you!  Smile


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Mods Empty Re: Mods

Post by Guest on Sat 24 Nov 2018, 11:16

You place the mods in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.


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