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Greetings and gratitude

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Greetings and gratitude Empty Greetings and gratitude

Post by Guest on Sat 24 Nov 2018, 17:21

I'm no good at these kind of things and so I usually avoid them, but I decided to make an exception so I registered and am now writing this. 
You guys have created such a beautiful forum. I've been coming here for - I dunno - I think at least 5 years? Maybe 8? I may be confused, it seems too long ago... How long have you guys been online? Anyway, I love that there's an 'Introductions' section and a 'Why do you love us' topic and that you always reply and try to help everyone out. Or talk about tv shows you watch or whatever. That makes it even more fun! And of course the downloads and guides. You guys rock and so I thought I should let you know. Keep up the good work!


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