Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1

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Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1  Empty Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1

Post by austeja on Sun 25 Nov 2018, 18:10

My sim was at a level 1 fame and got the No Touching quirk. But then lost the fame level, as well as the perks and the quirks. When she got back to level 1 she got her perk back, but not her quirk. And when you click to see the perks and quirks, there is a glowing red icon with a question mark. She did gain another quirk, but it didn't replace the No Touching quirk, just added another one. The No Touching one just turned into an empty, red glowing bubble with a question mark inside.

Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1  Untitl10

Also, I don't know how easy it is to reach the level 2 of fame, but I can't seem to reach it? I go to auditions, talk with celebrities, perform for tips, learn new skills. But nothing helps. 
Befriending celebrities don't seem to do anything at all, even if they are good friends and the celebrity is level 5. Besides, very few interactions show the (+Fame). Is that normal or is something wrong with my game?


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Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1  Empty Re: Red glowing quirks + can't go above fame level 1

Post by Deezells on Mon 26 Nov 2018, 02:38

Interactions with celebs, and performing for tips just seem to also be bugged. Levelling up Fame is so much easier with the help of streaming with drones, uploading videos that you have recorded through either drones or video station (I recommend editing them, adding effects, and adding transitions first before uploading them), selling paintings, publishing books, publishing music made through music station, donating cash through the computer, and meddling with social networking stuff. Acquiring Gold when you're doing the active acting career also helps quite a lot. You can also perform comedy that you've previously written in public also helps raise your fame points.

Get Famous has so many things it wants to give that quite a lot of them are still left unpolished.

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