can’t run sims 3?

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can’t run sims 3? Empty can’t run sims 3?

Post by ohitskristinaa on Mon 31 Dec 2018, 23:13

a while back i had uninstalled TS3 simply because i wasn’t playing it more and i was focusing more on the TS4. today, i decided to play TS3 again. So I first installed TS3 and for whatever reason, there wasn’t a TS3 folder in my Documents/Electronic Arts folder ( i was looking for my Mods folder) so i just decided that i should just run the game and they will pop up. i open up the launcher and it says “you are playing a non-final, version of the game” something like that. i press the play button and it proceeds to ask me for a registration code (there’s alrwady one typed in, it was one of them from the installation guide) but i’m stuck here. i press done and it just continues to ask me? what do i do from this point?


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can’t run sims 3? Empty Re: can’t run sims 3?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 04 Jan 2019, 13:10


I guess you are playing a base game of TS3 that is not patched. You have two choices now.

1) Apply the 1.67 manual update from this guide here:

Then google for "NRAAS NoCD Sims 3", and use that thing.

Or 2) You install the 1.67 manual patch (step #2 from the guide above), then install any expansion or stuffpack, and then apply the Ultimate Fix (steps #4 and #5). I would recommend this method. Good luck!

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