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Contact us.

Post by Freezer Bunny on Tue 08 Jan 2019, 16:40


If for some reason you need to contact the Administrators privately, we have an email address for you to direct your message to. Please use this e-mail contact form for e.g. general questions about Games4theworld, business inquiries/interview questions, general suggestions, if you want to report problems with accessing your Forum account (lost password) and other complaints. The following guidelines apply though:

==>   In general, these are "no-reply" addresses! You will not receive a reply unless we need more information from you, or we genuinely want to give you feedback.

==>   Use this contact form in case you can't log in to your account, please do not create a new account.

==>   Complaints about Administrator/Moderator decisions can be sent to this email address, as well.

==>   Game/software/hardware Support questions will be ignored without exception: these questions belong on the Forum.

==>   Should you intend to message us involving any personal information, you should also use that e-mail address.

Message Head Administrator ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ here:

Alternatively you can also message Acting Administrator The_gh0stm4n here:

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