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Post by Freezer Bunny on Tue 08 Jan 2019, 16:40


If for some reason you need to contact the Administrators privately, we have contact email addresses for you to direct your message(s) to. The following guidelines apply though.

First off:

Arrow  In general, these are "no-reply" addresses! You will not receive a reply unless we need more information from you, or we genuinely want to give you feedback.

Arrow  Unless otherwise stated on the public Forums (such as is the case with TS4 Gallery-creator suggestions), we will ignore all game/software/hardware Support requests; they generally belong on the Forum. So again: DO NOT USE THE E-MAIL CONTACT FORM, TO ASK FOR GAME SUPPORT

Arrow  For easier readability/a better overview, we have put each of the following paragraphs into spoilers. For the stuff that applies to you, CLICK on the spoilers to unfold further information.

Do you have general questions about navigating the Forum, using the Forum account, and similar things?:
Arrow  Feel free to message Acting Administrator @The_gh0stm4n!! On its own, it is no shame to register on the Forum and be curious about navigating the Forum, or asking for clarifications about Forum Rules, etc. Ask questions then!! Very Happy

Do you want to report rule-breaking Forum messages?:

Arrow  Send us a brief e-mail about it, preferably with the Forum link, or at the very least a screenshot of the message that you believe is disallowed as per the Forum Rules. Note that "backseat moderation" (admonishing or warning users as if you were a Moderator) and the reporting of harmless messages are frowned upon by the administration team, and will be dealt with accordingly. Instead, please use the contact form down below, and only for issues that actually violate Forum Rules.

If you forgot the password of your Forum account:

Arrow  Use the contact form in case you can't log in to your account, and do not create a new account please. If we find out that you created one or more new accounts, we will just ban/delete these duplicate accounts. Please provide us with the e-mail address that you used when creating your lost account and be specific. Otherwise we cannot restore your account, nor will we "backtrack" each individual user asking for more information. If a request for account restoration is submitted, and it does not contain all (correct) pieces of information we need, we will ignore your request. Make sure to add all the necessary information on your own. If you forget to add something in your first e-mail, then feel free to send a second e-mail.

If you forgot the username of your Forum account:

Arrow  As in the last paragraph. Please provide us with the e-mail address that you used in creating the account, otherwise there is no (feasible) way for us to verify your account ownership, and therefore no possibility for us to grant you access to that account.

If you want to have your Forum account deleted/Forum messages edited or deleted:

Arrow  We generally don't delete user accounts 'on request'. But you can do so on your own here.

Of course, under exceptional circumstances, we will grant requests for individual deletion, but this will solely be up to the discretion of the Forum Administrators.

Arrow  The same applies to user requests regarding edits or deletions of messages. We already remove personal information or otherwise rule-breaking messages as part of the daily administration-routine of the Forum. Therefore, there is or should be no need for you to contact us about it as well. Usually people still request that nonetheless, for two reasons. One, because they posted something unpleasant, feel ashamed about it, and use the same username/handle they have on G4TW on unrelated platforms. Or two, they posted a picture of themselves in the profile, which they now want removed (because being associated with a piracy platform "could lead to problems down the road" of privacy reasons; no doubt about that).

Arrow  We will help you restore access to your account, provided you still have the e-mail address that you used for registering, but everything beyond what has been said already will be up to you to "fix".

Do you wish to contest bans or other moderating actions?:

Exclamation   Note that bans and moderating actions in general stand-as-they-are. We very rarely reverse these actions, however, if you want to try, here are some guidelines what your appeal to us can look like.

Arrow  (Re-)read the Forum Rules and the Forum FAQ carefully. Contrary to what you may think, there are no un-justified bans on G4TW. Every ban is executed following a violation of the Forum Rules. On a related note, keep in mind it is within the discretion of the individual Moderator/Administrator currently handling a 'situation' on the Forum, whether or not a warning is issued before further moderating actions are taken. 

Arrow  Regarding your actual message to us: be polite, and only send one message. Don't approach us asking "why" you were banned, "why" your message was deleted, "why" we edited your Forum permissions, et cetera. Doing so will give your request no chance of success. We expect that you yourself come forward, and state what you have done wrong, and explain your decision-making at the time. If you really feel you do not know what you did (wrong), then make an educated guess...

Arrow  Then go on and explain, why - in your opinion - we should un-ban your account.

Arrow  We also expect that you include in your message how you intend to communicate with the G4TW team (in the future), regarding potentially 'dubious' content or messages.

Arrow  If we grant your request you will receive a reply from us within 72 hours, stating that the account has been restored. If you do not receive a reply within that deadline, you can consider your request having been rejected.

Arrow  Don't want to jump through these hoops? That's also fine, really. But then you have to ask yourself what you are doing on G4TW then, or whether this site is right for your interests and/or personality? On G4TW you don't need to be logged in with a Forum account in order to access the download links and view the support/tutorial boards (these things are probably the only reason you came here for, in the first place?). If you do not agree with the above-mentioned Forum Rules, then simply move on with your day and don't waste our time.

Business inquiries and similar:

Arrow  In the event you wish to contact us about advertising-placements, collaboration ideas, interview requests or similar issues, you can also use the contact form below. As stated in the initial paragraph of this message, we will reply to these messages (only) if we find them useful and interesting, given the circumstances of our 'field'.

Contact Form:

Message Head Administrator ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ here:

Alternatively you can also message Acting Administrator The_gh0stm4n here:

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Contact us.  Empty Re: Contact us.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 09 Mar 2019, 12:24

So...because I'm a 'kind' person, I'll let you in about a little secret regarding this topic.

The more open-minded/vigilant users on here may have figured it out already, or at least had their suspicions. Since it's mostly me these days who is handling the day-to-day administration affairs on the Forum, and therefore as a matter of practicality, all messages sent through Ann's contact address above are (eventually) also forwarded to my account.

So regardless of the reasons as to why you chose any particular address above, I will eventually learn about it either way...and accordingly make most decisions on my own account.


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