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Hello 2019 Empty Hello 2019

Post by taediva92 on Thu 31 Jan 2019, 22:36

What's up everyone!  I'm new here.
Hi, I'd like to give everyone here and the team the biggest hug. Thank you for the hard work. I just discovered your site yesterday and already I'm overwhelmed with how much cool stuff is going on here!  Carlos is tha man!!! I have some kinda nostalgia going thru the posts, remind me of 2006-2007 when Yahoo 365 blog was still a thing haha. If there's an admin around, I got some questions regarding THE The Sims Plumbob 1 SIMS 4 download and install. I scrolled thru so much and still got confused so if ya a pro here please help the noob out thank you so much! Let's chatttt


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