"First you need to download" problem DLC Get Famous

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"First you need to download" problem DLC Get Famous

Post by dako on Wed 06 Feb 2019, 13:44

Hi, I have this problem. 
I installed every DLC's and patchs according to the instructions, I have latest version of the game and the game is working fine. But I can't run the Get famous DLC. As you can see in the picture, there is a warning "First you need to download" in translate. Do you know what can I do with it? Thanks and greetings from Czech Republic :-)


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Re: "First you need to download" problem DLC Get Famous

Post by anadius on Wed 06 Feb 2019, 13:48

Then it means you didn't install Get Famous. Run the validator (in quick scan mode) and post the result here just to confirm it but I'm pretty sure you just didn't install that DLC. https://www.games4theworld.club/t34390-the-sims-4-get-famous-out-now-version-1-47-49-1020 It's in "The Sims 4 - Get Famous.7z" file and weights 8.04GB.

Apply Get Famous, then apply update again.

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