SIMS4 won't open anymore

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SIMS4 won't open anymore Empty SIMS4 won't open anymore

Post by Wassermelone on Wed 20 Feb - 13:39

I downloaded TS4 couple days ago yesterday I downloaded Get to work expansion pack and it worked just fine

today I decided to download Get together and City living  Expansion pack

after I replaced files from Get together.rar  I tried to open the game but it won't open. There isn't any Eror notifications .

I closed The origin before I replaced the files and I also tried to cut the Internet connection nothing works Sad


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SIMS4 won't open anymore Empty Re: SIMS4 won't open anymore

Post by anadius on Wed 20 Feb - 15:19

If you want to use G4TW releases, you need to download all of them and install in correct order. Here's a guide:

Alternatively if you want to play with only some of the DLCs (or just install them in any order you want), you should use my repack: But first extract what you downloaded so you don't have to download those DLCs again.

In short:

Option 1. Download all G4TW sims 4 releases and apply in correct order.

Option 2. Extract City Living. From my repack download the patch (this should be 4 files, read "what to download" section) and install it.

I'm not a part of G4TW team, I'm just helping a lot here.
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