Sims 4 All in One error 'OrangeEmu.DLL'

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Sims 4 All in One error 'OrangeEmu.DLL' Empty Sims 4 All in One error 'OrangeEmu.DLL'

Post by peanutbuttercup on Wed 27 Feb 2019, 05:34

hello, i apologize if this is a silly question but I downloaded Sims 4 ALL IN ONE the latest update 1.49 and having some issues.
(( context: this is all in powerISO, i haven't been able to succesfully move the folder somewhere))

1. do i "extract files" to a folder or copy and paste them to a folder, can it be any folder? I've looked at other answers so I understand it can't be in elctronicarts/zorigins folders [even though i havent gotten that far cause i cant] and things like that, but i copy and pasted the entire SIMS 4 folder into documents and nothing appeared, but space was taken? I was confused. It's nowhere to be found on my computer!

2. I keep saying people say copy the entire sims 4 folder into the external hard drive, can i have a photo of what that means? I'm just very confused on where to copy and paste it to after mounting it

3. I keep getting an error 'OrangeEmu.DLL' is not found message, but i've extracted those files in POWERISO and still nothing unfortunately. And this is for both the 64 version of the sims4 exe file and the regular one in the game/bin folder

I tried to be as thorough as possible in searching for an answer but i dont see one
- Also all Anti-virus is off, Firewall off


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