Missing babies/toddlers/children

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Missing babies/toddlers/children Empty Missing babies/toddlers/children

Post by eliseXstar on Thu 07 Mar 2019, 03:36

Hi all. I've been having issues with my Sim's offspring - they kept on disappearing after I exit the game. It already happened thrice. The first time it happened, I was moving my family to another house. I tried exiting and opening again. But the baby is really gone. He's not in the family tree, not in Sim panel at the left bottom, and I also tried checking my Inventory, but no cradle there, no baby. 


This happened again with a new toddler. I tried the ResetSim cheat, but it's not there. It just shows "Sim not found".

After that I did not exit the game anymore, maxed out my new kid's aspiration, and then my game crashed. When I got back again, no more child. Sad



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Missing babies/toddlers/children Empty Re: Missing babies/toddlers/children

Post by Guest on Thu 07 Mar 2019, 08:35

Go to Documents\Electronic Arts and move The Sims 4 folder to desktop. This will start the game fresh, you can move saves back later. If that doesn't solve the problem, run the validator and post the result here.


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