Sims 3 Store Content Not Showing in Downloads on The Launcher

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Sims 3 Store Content Not Showing in Downloads on The Launcher Empty Sims 3 Store Content Not Showing in Downloads on The Launcher

Post by MaeMae101 on Tue 30 Apr 2019, 22:25

So, to start, I have all of The Sims 3 expansion packs and stuff packs bought original from years ago. The games I have downloaded are EA, for reference. I also have some original bought EA store content, to begin with.

I discovered this and wanted all of the Sims 3 Store content. First, I downloaded The Sims 3: The Complete Store file from what I believe is the old G4TW site. I followed the steps and downloaded uTorrent and the entire file downloaded correctly. When I opened the file I noticed that there were only TS3 worlds from the store. My first thought was "this is odd" because it says above the file on your website that it contained ALL of the store content from June 2009 to August 2014, yet I wasn't seeing it. Anyway, I transferred the .sims3pack files to my electronic arts sims 3 downloads folder. All of the worlds showed in my game launcher under the downloads tab and they all installed completely fine. 

After this, I went through all of the Store Update files on the website and downloaded the files from every month in every a lot of files. I then dragged ALL .sims3pack files that were in each folder into my electronic arts sims 3 downloads folder. I replaced any file that it said was duplicated and they all transferred smoothly. I believed I ended with about 700-800 items in my electronic arts sims 3 downloads folder. 

I also installed the store fixes following the .sims3pack file instructions.

Now, here's the issue. When I open my Sims 3 Launcher, not all 700-800 items showed under the downloads tab. I thought that as I installed things, files that weren't installed would show. So I checked ALL files that showed in my downloads tab, regardless if they were installed before or not, and (re)installed all that were present. It took forever but when I checked back, I still couldn't see the rest of the files that needed installed under the downloads tab. Some had popped up that weren't yet installed but not nearly as many as I was expecting. NOTE: I have NOT checked in-game to see what is actually downloaded, but still would like to know if this is normal. 

Another thing I noticed while checking this out, is that my Sims 3 Launcher takes FOREVER to actually open up. My origin says it's open but it's not and I click my Sims 3 icon multiple times and it still doesn't pop up. Sometimes it'll eventually open but other times I have to completely exit my origin and reopen it to get it to actually pop up but that doesn't work all of the times I tried. Remember, my games are authentic!  Could this be due to the sheer amount of content I downloaded? Or maybe a possible conflict between original EA files and G4TW files? 

Another thing, if I click the "Installed" tab in my Sims 3 launcher, my launcher crashes immediately. 

I have a lower end computer so it can be slow when downloading things and sometimes my game crashes but I have never had any issues like this. Though, I have never had torrented files like this either. I'm not sure how any of this works so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Sims 3 Store Content Not Showing in Downloads on The Launcher Empty Re: Sims 3 Store Content Not Showing in Downloads on The Launcher

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 01 May 2019, 12:29

Welcome to the Forum first of all,

You're probably not going to like the tone in which I'm going to reply, but everybody knows this is just the way I usually communicate.

Your mistake was, to not have asked for Support earlier. You said you found it "odd" that you didn't see the bulk of the store items in the torrent. When in fact, all store items in that download (minus the those .sims3pack worlds) are in the .package file format. There should be a "Mods" and "Packages" subfolder. And in turn there are 5 big .package files, which contain the bulk of the store. At that very moment, and in my opinion, you should have already asked for help, as it would have saved you lots of time. OK, maybe you were not familiar with .package files, but still.

The second thing is, that the launcher of The Sims 3 is bugged to hell. An issue to this date is, that only a certain contingent/number can be installed with the launcher at once. What's more, for some reason this is a relatively unknown bug. My guess is about 200 or so store items can be installed with that official launcher, in one go. There are third-party tools (like CC Magic), to bypass this weakness however. But let's continue.

The reason we have put these 5 .big package files into the torrent is exactly what I wrote before: these problems with the official TS3 Launcher. You basically have to take the "Mods"-folder from the torrent, and move/copy it into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3. If for some reason you don't have a Mods-folder, maybe your download got corrupted. Or you didn't use WinRAR. In case it got corrupted, look for an option in your torrent client that says "Force re-check", and wait until it's done 100%. After which try re-extracting the contents of the .rar file again, with WinRAR. There is also an "# Installation Guide.txt" file in the torrent, that you can consult as well, in addition to what I am posting here.

I'm (genuinely) sorry that you had to go through so much hassle, but in the future, and not just for G4TW, we all have to remember that asking questions in time, can save lots of trouble down the road. Good luck, and feel free to post back if you still get stuck!

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