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Just want to say thank you...

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Just want to say thank you... Empty Just want to say thank you...

Post by Guest on Fri 31 May 2019, 15:19

Hey guys!

I just installed your Sims 3 Complete Collection and wanted to share my thanks for making this possible. I may rant a little bit but I wanted to explain my story.

Back in 2015, I bought Origin keys off of eBay. If anyone has played the legit Sims 3 which I'm sure most of you have, probably know that in 2017 EA decided to consider these "illegal" and "unauthorized" copies. My game crashed and sure enough by the time I got back on 80% of the expansions were gone! I was so devastated and confused when I found out that EA had deactivated my expansion packs because they thought I'd stolen them. I've been a true fan since Sims 1. For two years now I've only been able to play base, Ambitions, Sweet Treats, Late Night, and Pets. I took a long break because I couldn't bear it. Finally about a week ago I decided to get back into it and tried to contact EA. Needless to say, they said they wouldn't reverse their decision and that the matter was closed in a very rude manner. I'd planned to go all disc or Steam so that I could avoid 1.69 until it occured to me maybe I could somehow get my packs back without having to spend $300+ on what I should already own. Found KarmaTastic's tutorial on how to install Complete Collection. Hate to say I feel completely justified in my decision in switching to torrents. I just loaded everything up, including CAS and Moonlight Falls. Barely any lag and loaded even faster than my legal game that had only four expansions! So stoked to finally have my packs back no thanks to Electronic Arts.

Thank you all for making this possible from the bottom of a true Simmer's heart.

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Just want to say thank you... Empty Re: Just want to say thank you...

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 02 Jun 2019, 21:23

Sorry for the belated reply,

Welcome to the Forum @SimsLover2247! And yes, I vaguely recall something along those lines a few years back. There was the decision from EA management to declare copies of the games from so-called un-authorized resellers, void. 

So re-sellers have to buy the game from EA, for the same price, and regardless of where they are. Sounds logical, but as not all countries are "rich" (I deliberately added quotation marks here), retailers in e.g. Russia, Malaysia, or wherever, will have to dole out the same amount of capital, as re-sellers in North America or Europe. 

Slightly off-topic (but then again, not so much I guess), but Steam's success is in a large part also due to their pricing policies: instead of insisting on the "same base price", they are making modifications regarding not-so-rich countries, and focus on the overall volume/number of sales. So the people in not-so-rich countries are also able to enjoy games, or at are able to afford them more easily than EA's stuff. 

My general recommendation is that you pirate stuff first, and only if you like the game and are able to afford, support the company.

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