"Insert Disk" Error post-fix.

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"Insert Disk" Error post-fix. Empty "Insert Disk" Error post-fix.

Post by AoiLee on Fri 21 Jun 2019, 01:08

Hello! I've recently installed your Sims 3 crack via the Complete Collection, including the base game and all the packs save for Into the Future, Fast Lane/Diesel Pack, Outdoor Living Pack, Sweet Treats, and Town Life Stuff. Everything in the installation process went smoothly until I got to the launcher, in which I was told to insert the disk for one of my expansion packs. I redid the steps specified in the installation guide (making sure it was in the sims folder and not any of the expansions), went straight into the game and skipping the launcher, and even applied the ultimate fix. Alas, my issue still persists. 

I tried snooping around these forums for a similar issue (I don't like making posts like these unless I have to), but I've had no such luck.  Is the answer laying right in front of my nose? Should I uninstall everything and reinstall it? I'm very confused.


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"Insert Disk" Error post-fix. Empty Re: "Insert Disk" Error post-fix.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 22 Jun 2019, 19:15

Hello and welcome to the Forum,

I'm assuming you also applied the 1.67 manual patch, before applying the crack-files? Also, the correct location for the crack files (TS3W.exe & TSLHost.dll) is C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin.

If you are positive you did that...can you navigate to that location and confirm the presence of these two files, and also their filesizes? On my end:

TS3W.exe =    14.175 MB
TSLHost.dll =    5.291 MB

"Insert Disk" Error post-fix. ZlMMeKp

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