Island Living problem.

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Island Living problem. Empty Island Living problem.

Post by cryptonyx on Wed 21 Aug 2019, 04:02

hi, i used to have the full game download which was all the dlcs and the base game up until strangerville. i got strangerville by itself after that and had no problem playing the game. now that i downloaded island living from the magnet link, only the zip file was downloaded and i cannot seem to find the dlc loader and cant seem to extract my files. when i ran trough it with the validator, this showed up.[spoiler="report"]
Game version:
Crack version:
Folder: The Sims 4
Languages: en_us
Hash mismatch:
--- quick scan ---
Missing files:
Unknown files:
ep04/# language registry files/chinese traditional/ts4_chinese-traditional.reg
ep04/# language registry files/czech/ts4_czech.reg
ep04/# language registry files/danish/ts4_danish.reg
ep04/# language registry files/dutch/ts4_dutch.reg
ep04/# language registry files/english/ts4_english.reg
ep04/# language registry files/finnish/ts4_finnish.reg
ep04/# language registry files/french/ts4_french.reg
ep04/# language registry files/german/ts4_german.reg
ep04/# language registry files/italian/ts4_italian.reg
ep04/# language registry files/japanese/ts4_japanese.reg
ep04/# language registry files/korean/ts4_korean.reg
ep04/# language registry files/norwegian/ts4_norwegian.reg
ep04/# language registry files/polish/ts4_polish.reg
ep04/# language registry files/portuguese/ts4_portuguese.reg
ep04/# language registry files/russian/ts4_russian.reg
ep04/# language registry files/spanish/ts4_spanish.reg
ep04/# language registry files/swedish/ts4_swedish.reg
ep07/strings_jpn_jp.package (also have problems with get together and spa day which has been going on since i downloaded the first base game update. items that come with those pack just show up with question marks on them Sad) so sorry if i seem like a complete noob!


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Island Living problem. Empty Re: Island Living problem.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 21 Aug 2019, 04:44

Hello and welcome to the G4TW Forums,

The G4TW repacks are unrelated to the items from anadius (because you asked why there was no DLC loader in what you downloaded). The G4TW repacks are just copy-paste, and have no installers whatsoever.

What happens exactly when you try extracting the "The Sims 4 - Island Living.7z" file? Are you using the program 7-zip for that? You should, if you haven't.

According to your validator report the stuff from "EP07" (= Island Living) was not properly extracted. If you used 7-zip and it still doesn't work, try this.

If you still have the torrent running in your torrent client, look for an option that says "Force re-check". You'll see next to the torrent the notice "Checking [percentage number]". When it's done 100%, it'll say "Seeding" again, or "Finished" depending on how you set up the torrent client. But the point is, once you are 100% done with the Force re-check, try re-extracting again with 7-zip.

And if it still does not work with that, try re-downloading with a different torrent client. I recommend qBittorrent, Tixati, Transmission, etc. I don't recommend Vuze or uTorrent though.

There is also an issue with earlier packs, and you should use anadius items here to re-install Spa Day and Get to Work:

You can then also delete the folder that says ep04\#language registry files.

Keep us posted if you like! Carlos is tha man


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Island Living problem. Empty Re: Island Living problem.

Post by cryptonyx on Wed 21 Aug 2019, 04:53

Solved the Island pack issue! I will just download the other packs I had problems with then! Thank you so much ☺


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