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SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching

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SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching Empty SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching

Post by MagicalDerp on Wed 04 Sep 2019, 01:15


downloaded the simcity 5 deluxe editon and it simply wont launch, i get a blank icon on my taskbar and nothing else. 
i followed the guide that was included and i downloaded the google drive version incase anyone wonders 

ive both moved the folder to different harddrivers but with the same result, anyone else got this problem?


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SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching Empty Re: SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 04 Sep 2019, 01:53


I had to refresh my memory a little bit, because I haven't played the game in a little while. Are you sure you also imported the registry entries included in the .rar archive file?

Furthermore, can you confirm the download size of your .rar archive being 3.92 GB ?

Have you tried running the SCLauncher.exe (not the SimCity.exe) ? If so, try checking again your antivirus & Windows Defender exclusions, for possible interferences. You can utilize this guide here, provided you have Windows 10, to learn how to disable Windows Defender. As for any other antivirus programs you have, you might need to to additional research on your own.

After you feel confident that you did the exclusions properly, download the pack here:

Extract with WinRAR and insert the files under the folder path SimCity\SimCity. When prompted, choose to replace the existing files, and try launching the game again.

Another possible issue, navigate under the path shown in the screenshot; this file is located within your install folder of SimCity 5.

SimCity 5 - Digital Deluxe Edition not launching 1dO6WGN

Double-click on the file shown, and see if it gives you the option to install. If it shows you the options "Repair" and "Uninstall", it means you're good to go, and you can cancel the installation.

Not sure what else I could suggest. The issue with those direct downloads is, that they are prone to "breaking", much more than torrents. If your internet disconnects even just a few seconds, this can cause trouble with the download. Possible remedies include using third-party download programs such as the free JDownloader 2, so you could try re-downloading from that G-Drive, with JDownloader.

I apologize, but I haven't been able thus far to organize more seeds for this thing. But nonetheless, do keep us posted about your progress, if you like!

Yess, aye lieeke!
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