S4 Studio still doesn't work.

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S4 Studio still doesn't work. Empty S4 Studio still doesn't work.

Post by Frozz SCH on Thu 05 Sep 2019, 05:08

i saw this post and the issue still there. i really wanna make a CC for my own custom painting that i love in my game and then paints it after that so i can have 'non CC paintings' after that. i've downloaded th newest S4S V3.1.2.7 (wishes) and i have all expansion until moschino stuff.
S4S installed correctly, the game path too. when i click an object (paintings) i click next button (right bottom of windows) and nothing happens. i try with another objects and its still the same. i'm hopeless. anybody can help me? or share the other old version maybe, or any other solution. sorry for my bad english. English not my mother tongue. thank u all and lot's of love <3

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