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Post by KitaTsuki on Thu 26 Sep 2019, 23:47

Afternoon everyone. I have been out of the loop regarding the Sims so I apologize if I'm bringing up something that was already resolved. I recently have started playing again and installed the final expansion Realm of Magic. I also use cheats but I turn them off before saving and exiting the program just to make sure that my game does not crash. To be specific, I wanted to use the sims.add_buff cheat for my sims and it just did not work. From what I can tell on the internet, there was an incident last year where that cheat and a bunch of others were disabled by EA. I'm not sure if that still applies now or if there was ever a fix. Does anyone know how I can get that cheat to work again? Or if not, is there anything being done about it. 



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