Sims 3 Installation Issues ("Sims 3 already installed")

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Sims 3 Installation Issues ("Sims 3 already installed") Empty Sims 3 Installation Issues ("Sims 3 already installed")

Post by spoo_ky on Tue 01 Oct 2019, 04:04

Hi, I'm not one to usually run into issues when downloading games but this time I've run into something I just can't even begin to understand.

1) I unzipped all the files to my D drive.
2) I installed Sims 3 from the setup.exe, using custom settings to have it installed into my D drive (I use my C for OS only.)
3) I installed the Patch contained within the files. (TS3_1.67.2.0240xx_update.exe)
4) I attempt to install any of the DLC (I tried every one.)
5) Recieve notification that The Sims 3 is already installed to that location, choose another location.

Okay, so of course Sims 3 is already installed there, but that's not what I'm trying to install.
I recieve this message for each of the DLC.

So I tried to run the game without installing any DLC.
I slap the crack in there and try to run TS3W.exe.
Error message from EA about internet connection.

Things I've tried:

Crack, then DLC. Sims 3 must be updated.
Crack, then Patch, then DLC. Sims 3 already installed.
Patch, Crack, DLC. Sims 3 already installed.
Patch, DLC, without crack, Sims 3 already installed.
Patch, Crack, Run without DLC, Check internet connection.

What I've noticed is that the Patch adds files to the Bin folder that correspond to the DLC. I don't know if this is the cause, or related.

Honestly, at this point I'm about ready to cut my losses and just spend another day downloading a different version. I've successfully installed many cracks before, including TS3 on a different PC, this is the first time I've had to make a forum post asking for help. Hopefully there's a solution to my issue, even if it is obvious and I'm just too dim to see it.


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Sims 3 Installation Issues ("Sims 3 already installed") Empty Re: Sims 3 Installation Issues ("Sims 3 already installed")

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 01 Oct 2019, 21:23

Welcome to the G4TW Forums @spoo_ky and sorry for the slightly belated reply,

A peculiarity of these Sims 3 installers is, that if you choose any custom install location, it will basically screw up everything. Keep in mind that these G4TW downloads are actually based on real-life installation discs of The Sims 3. And...not many people seem to know about that peculiarity. I myself didn't, until I wrote this:

So basically, you will need to create folders manually, for the base game as well as any DLC you plan on installing.

The next step to keep in mind is, you cannot run the base game alone:

I believe that is another peculiarity of The Sims 3. So you will need to install base game => 1.67 patch => at least one of the DLC => Ultimate Fix.

So what that means for you is that you will unfortunately have to try cleaning up your system to remove any abandoned files/registry entries, and so forth. Maybe this guide here can help, for a start. There are also third-party tool such as REVO Un-installer or G4TW's "Your Un-installer Pro", available from the downloads list, that can also help with un-installing. But I would actually recommend doing a manual un-install in these cases.

Good luck and keep us posted if you like! Very Happy


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