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Which mods are working, and which ones are not for Sims 4 Patch!

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Which mods are working, and which ones are not for Sims 4 Patch!  Empty Which mods are working, and which ones are not for Sims 4 Patch!

Post by grieralexander on Sat 05 Oct 2019, 18:46

As a New Patch has been issue by EA and made vailable here at the G4TW Forum, here is the newest tracker for working and non-working mods:

Remember: This list is not compiled by G4TW Forum and is provided just as a tool to make your game update easier. The list is updated twice a day by Sim Sonic, and I advice to check on it regularly for the first few days after a patch for changes, specially if you are having prblems or errors with the game. We all know the drill by now: Remove the Folder that contain your mods, saves and tray files to your desk-top or rename it, install your patch or update, start the game, so that a new game folder is generated and test! Everything is working fine, OK. Now introduce the contents of your old game folder in small batches or by folders; everytime you place a new item , test again. If everything is working OK continue transfering your mods, saves, tray items and CC a little at a time and always test! If at testing you get an error or bug in the game, more likely than not, the culprit is in the last batch you moved in, which will be easier to spot. Update your mods, since they can and will break your game if outdated! Enjoy the New Patch Good job!
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