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Sims University Weird shadows in Build Buy and how to get rid of them

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Sims University Weird shadows in Build Buy and how to get rid of them Empty Sims University Weird shadows in Build Buy and how to get rid of them

Post by grieralexander on Wed 20 Nov 2019, 21:00

Many are complaining about weird shadows cast by shelves and furniture after the University Pack. First, most of these occur with CC shelves, bookcases and furniture. It does not happen in Vanilla. It will not help to ask modders to update, since they are doing it OK with the tools available to create these types of CC. The problem is that EA changed also their ssao. What is it? SSAO is an Ambient Oclussion tool, which many games have, but somehow EA messed their further, since it was already crappy. What can I do? 
There are 2 types of work around you can do:
1- Go to the game Menu
2- Go to Options
3- Go to Graphics and unmark Post Processing Effects
4- Load the game and go to one of your builds and look around to see if you can live with this.

The second method is more intrusive and I do not recommend it for people that do not know what they are doing; remember Sims Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong! Hmmm, sure? 
1. Go to where you have your game installed
2. Go to your Bin Folder, open it up and find your graphicrules.srg file
3. Now, most important step make a backup of this file and save it anywhere you want and that you'll remember where is at (this is to prevent Sims Murphy's Law) in case something does happen!
4. Open the graphicsrule.srg file with notepad
5. Scroll down or use the window in your text editor and type ssao until you find the word ssao (you backed up your graphicsrule.srg file, Right?) next to the word ssao, should say "True", change that to "False". Now save the file.
Disclaimer! IMPORTANT! Turning or changing the ssao in graphicsrule.srg file from true to false will also turn off the in-game fog or distance blur, which is also crappy; but none the less, you need to be aware of that. If you don't like it just replace the new moded srg file with the original you backed up and no harm done. I tip my fedora.
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