ISP warning letter after using all-in-one crack. [SOLVED]

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ISP warning letter after using all-in-one crack. [SOLVED] Empty ISP warning letter after using all-in-one crack. [SOLVED]

Post by hernameisluv on Mon 25 Nov 2019, 23:21

I got notified by my internet provider that I was using this site's all-in-one crack of the sims4 and was threatened with legal action if I did not stop using it - I suggest the creators of this crack check their packs for bugs planted by EA to track theft 

My internet provider knew how many times I had opened the game since I downloaded it, when I downloaded it, and how I downloaded it; all of which they got from EA who somehow knew I had it and was not using it legally.

After years of using this site and not being caught you must understand that this scared me **** less DedicatedToLorilihim

So i'm done, i'm just gonna have to save up hundreds to buy all the games legally cause I ain't messing with this ******** anymore, i'm to young to screw myself over because I didn't want to pay for a game.

Users be warned, you might be fined if you aren't careful, 

If the creators of the crack made a disclaimer about this kind of thing then I apologize for missing it - I read the bare minimum already knowing what to do from my past few years of using this site so I skipped right to the download link Why.


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ISP warning letter after using all-in-one crack. [SOLVED] Empty Re: ISP warning letter after using all-in-one crack. [SOLVED]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 25 Nov 2019, 23:58


So first of all I slightly clarified the title of your topic. Secondly, I wrote this here on the announcement for the all-in-one from Sim Architect:

G4TW wrote:Edit: this is only available as a magnet/torrent. So for increased safety and more privacy, use a (paid) VPN service such as NordVPN, Windscribe, or ProtonVPN to cover your torrenting activity. You don't want to receive one of these "ISP warning letters" and/or maybe even risk your internet being shut off.

Yes, I admit the descriptions can be improved. But you simply should not torrent with your home internet connection, in the year 2019 (and after that). You must use a paid VPN service such as NordVPN, ProtonVPN,, or Windscribe, to "cover" your internet activities.

And the reason you feel "EA planted a bug" is because everybody can see who torrents something. EA pay third-parties to also grab these torrents, and these third-parties log all activity from the torrent swarms. Again, everybody can do that, who grabs the torrent. You don't need any specialized tools or knowledge for doing so.

I'm sorry you got caught, but then again, you say you "have been using this site for years". Did you never notice our new announcements texts, despite prompting users to read these? Example from our Discover University Patch:

G4TW wrote:Beloved users of G4TW!!


I would suggest you take the time now to read this introduction. Read it slowly, then read it again. And again.


"ISP warning"

For all of you digital internet travelers out there, a warning for the following countries is issued.

- America
- Canada
- Australia
- The United Kingdom
- New Zealand
- France
- Germany
- and probably a few other Western satellite states (Italy and Spain seem "on the ball" lately)

If you happen to torrent the item using your internet while being in one (or more) of these countries, you risk a termination of your internet subscription, and maybe severe fines too. If that happens, then whatever further consequences you may face are out of our hand, and it will be solely within your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements. In general, make an effort to actively inform yourselves about the situation in your own home-country regarding torrenting, as the above-listed countries are by no means an exhaustive listing; these countries are just your "usual suspects" in that regard. Use a paid VPN service like NordVPN,, Windscribe or ProtonVPN to cover your activities.

And note that these services are just recommendations. There's many more decent VPN services out there. As long as the basics of the VPN provider are present (privacy-friendly jurisdiction/location of company headquarters, DNS leak protection, killswitch, no-logs-policy) you're good to go with any VPN service that supports torrenting.

"Does it have to be a paid VPN service???" Yes, it does, because free ones are not going to cover your properly. VPN services are aware of the fact that more and more countries don't allow torrenting, and they want to exploit these trends, by offering P2P-capability only on paid plans.

Even if you use a VPN, try not to connect to servers located in the above-mentioned countries...if at all possible with your particular VPN service.

We don't have a direct download for an all-in-one item, in case anybody reads this, due to technical reasons. So until further notice, people should prefer using VPN services.

By the way: you can actually keep downloaded files, even after receiving these warning letters, because nobody can actually see what is on your computer, except you. These are scare tactics that are employed by copyright holders and their stooges ("we can see what you do"), and judging by the tone of your comment, they have been successful.


Edit: and since you're probably not going to reply here anyhow, I will close the thread and mark it as solved.
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