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How to avoid corrupted saves by outdated mods

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How to avoid corrupted saves by outdated mods Empty How to avoid corrupted saves by outdated mods

Post by grieralexander on Thu 05 Dec 2019, 16:05

After The University Pack came out many are experiencing a huge amount of bugs, although some bugs are inherent of the pack, itself and we must wait until EA decides to fix them (?); most of the corruption of saves comes from mods. When we talk about mods, to make it simpler ya anything and everything withing your mods folder. Most script mods, which change the way the game is played, are updated within hours of a new pack, others like tuning mods may take a few days if the mod maker decides to up-keep them. Tuning mods are those that change objects or sims behavior towards something, for example: Not to wash dishes in a bathroom sink, when there is a kitchen sink near by; to sit to eat meals at a table, instead of running all over the lot while eating; to use a bed for sleeping, when one is available are all example of tuning mods. The other "mods" are Custom Content, yes, your beloved, skins, makeup, furniture, etc. These can also stop working and although there may be no signs that they are outdated until you just can't save or move a family into a lot or just simply crash your game. Hence the importance to keep your CC well organize and in case of trouble, it will be 80% easier to find which is the one that is causing the problem by simply adding the folders separately and testing. A good way to avoid heart-aches with corrupted saves is to Always!, Always! backup your tray and save folders, until you are certain that everything is working as it should.
Try to not save your games if and when you are using Tuning mods that the sims are using at the time; for example: If you have a tuning mod for sims to eat on tables, make sure your sims are not sitting at a table at the time of the save and so forth, this will prevent the game of getting a corruption error whe uploading it again and the mod is outdated or no longer in use, because it will not be updated. Try not to install lots or Sims that are CC dependent and you have not tested such CC (skins, makeup, hait, etc.) Although most Sims CC bugs can be caught in CAs and hence a lot simpler to get rid off, some may not and it will only show during game play, so be aware.
At the moment the modding community lacks a reliable tool to spot all the bad CC, but there are tools out there that can help you fix certain issues, like Sims 4 Studio. There are also mods to fix over-sighted EA mods, you need to search for them and make sure that they are updated to your game version before you place them into your mods folder. Hope these tips help and enjoy your game I tip my fedora.
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