Game speed changes on its own

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Game speed changes on its own Empty Game speed changes on its own

Post by pineappleincident on Wed 01 Jan 2020, 09:04


I tried searching for similar posts but haven't found one.

I was playing Sims 4 today and as the title says, the game speed changes on its own. Whenever I try to click "1", seconds later it's back to ultra speed and I would have to keep on clicking 1 just so it would go at normal speed.  Also when I pause it, it unpauses itself a few seconds later, too. It becomes annoying at some point. I tried searching for it on Google and it says there's been an issue regarding the game speed changing whenever there is a maid in the lot and/or when your other sims in the household are at work/school (or just not in the lot you're currently active in). Their solution was to fire the maid so the bug doesn't come back but I was wondering if there's a solution here somewhere.

Is anyone experiencing this, too? 

Thank you.


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Game speed changes on its own Empty Re: Game speed changes on its own

Post by ElephantsChildFoamy on Sat 11 Jan 2020, 22:42

This was happening to me. There is a mod by Scarlet Triple Speed Maid Fix. It's the only thing that works, right now, to stop it.

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Game speed changes on its own Empty Re: Game speed changes on its own

Post by Mick Danger on Fri 17 Jan 2020, 04:18

Apparently this is a known EA but that has been addressed in the latest 1.60 patch released on the 16th of January. It was mentioned in the patch notes.

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