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Update on The Sims 4 Direct Downloads & a new project.

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Update on The Sims 4 Direct Downloads & a new project.  Empty Update on The Sims 4 Direct Downloads & a new project.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 07 Jan 2020, 08:27

*TL; DR* You can find the 'new Sims 4 project' here: https://www.games4theworld.club/t35810-the-sims-4-all-in-one-global-patch-selectable-dlcs-version-1-61-15-1020-tiny-living-stuff

*Announcement Last Updated on 31-03-2020*

Hey all of you,

I'll convey the following in such a way, as most of you prefer it to be when visiting a dentist: as quick and painless as possible. Haters gonna hate  My intention is to delete all G4TW direct download links on GoogleDrive, except minor items and maybe the Legacy Edition Patch as well ... I have not made up my mind yet about that patch. But there you go. Now, before anybody goes on like this:

Hypothetical commenter wrote:You're such a jerk! I need those direct downloads! I can't afford a VPN! Why are you doing this to us?! Sad

So first of all, calm down. Secondly, wait until people have completely finished talking before making any assumptions. The main reason I am making this step is because our current format of TS4 repacks is becoming too inefficient and cumbersome to use. These G4TW repacks simply occupy too much valuable filespace on GoogleDrive. But we have something else coming, which we expect to be far more efficient and easier to manage.

It will also be A LOT easier for all of you, in the sense that it will be easier to download, and we intend to provide direct DL's for ALL Sims 4 DLC. Something we never really managed to achieve in all these years, with those large Sims 4 repacks. And which will change very soon.

So now what happens to the "old format" of The Sims 4 repacks? My plan was to continue those as usual, while simultaneously doing the new project as well. We will try putting up GoogleDrive or other direct download links according to the old format, for new releases only, but we will take them down after a while. So we encourage you to grab those old format links quickly. Or use the new format straight away. Please understand I cannot give an ETA about how long exactly these "old format repack"-links will be up; a good estimate would be a week after the release though.

We will NOT be sending out newsletters anymore for any G4TW releases, nor will we use any social media platforms for announcing new releases. Everything goes over this Forum now, regardless of how "user-unfriendly" and "mobile-device-incompatible" certain people find oldskool Forums to be. That means we will rely on word of mouth; if you can't come online during the initial release or you otherwise miss out, please grab the new format repacks instead. The latter ones are planned to have permanent direct downloads.

I'm also thinking of putting up replacements for the deleted GoogleDrive links, which will either be on Uptobox, MediaFire, cloud.mail.ru, or any combination of these. Yes, yes, I'm aware these alternatives are not too popular (especially Uptobox), but try and understand that we need to re-assign the existing GoogleDrive space, and in our opinion this is the most efficient way of going about things. Or I might choose to not add any links at all anymore to the old format repacks, which would be the easiest solution for all parties involved.

I won't do the "purge" immediately though. I will wait until shortly before we announce the new project, so you'll have a bit of extra time if you want to grab some of the existing stuff. Roughly until the end of this week, but no longer than that. I also want to invite you again, and thereby draw attention to the announcement about how you can help us with direct download links.

Good luck, and we'll 'see' you again soon.

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