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New Cheat Code for Sims 4 Studio for getting rid of Malformed rig resources

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New Cheat Code for Sims 4 Studio for getting rid of Malformed rig resources  Empty New Cheat Code for Sims 4 Studio for getting rid of Malformed rig resources

Post by grieralexander on Mon 27 Jan 2020, 03:52

Hello! A while back I gave a tutorial on how to get rid of problem Custom Content (CC), which could break your saves using a cheat code "Slot195" in Sims 4 Studio. Today I will give you and update on that Tutorial. Rigs and bone assignments? Basically, if you are not a creator you will not even know what the rigs or bone assignments are for in the Sims 4 Game; short answer: they are instructions or codes that are given to every piece of furniture or item with which the Sims will interact in the game. Ea Changed the rigs when the University Pack came out, rendering a large amount of Custom Content broken and unusable. How do I know my CC is rigs are broken? You will be able to place this CC normally during build/buy; however, once you place your Sims in the lot, you will not be able to save or get last exceptions.
With Tiny living Stuff Pack EA has done it again, chainging rigs! Which will render a lot of CC unusable. Sims 4 Studio has been updated to offer Support to Tiny Living and even if you did not install de Pack you will be affected by the patch EA issued before the pack came out! With Sims 4 Studio's update comes a new feature: The Cheat Code "Slot195" has been changed to "Slot180".
You may still type "Slot195" but the tool will search for malformed rigs in excess of 180 bone assignments, since Tiny Living Pack reduce the number of workable slots for items even further. Facepalm 
What does this means in layman terms is that this will affect every piece of CC that has over 180 rig slots, animations, etc. So you need to update your CC folder and do a clean up, if and when you start having issues, like routing errors, when your Sims are going to use an item or when you play an animation.

For those that are reading this thread for the first time: 
1. Download Sims 4 Studio
2, After the Initial Set-up, open Sims 4 Studio
3. Press the Ctrl Shift C keys and a New Window will pop up. Type: "Slot195" or "Slot180" and a new window will give you a list of bad CC, you have to manually delete it; I recommend to copy and paste this list to notepad or word to be able to access it while getting rid of the CC.

Sims 4 Studio's has also been updated to read malformed rigs which it could not before.

I hope that this helps you and if you should have any questions, feel free to ask Good job!
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