Issues installing Stones Throw Greenhouse.

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Issues installing Stones Throw Greenhouse. Empty Issues installing Stones Throw Greenhouse.

Post by crashley1784 on Wed 05 Feb 2020, 01:41

Hi there! Love GFTW and all the Sims 3 downloads Smile I have most of the store content and have never had an issue downloading or installing anything until now - I tried to install the stone's throw greenhouse set and kept getting the "please ensure your game is updated and try again" error message when installing the file via the launcher. I redownloaded the zip file and tried installing via CC Magic, and the venue lot itself shows up in my game, but not the glass roof items in the roof decor section (which is really what I'm after from that set). When I place the lot in a world, everything but the glass roof pieces show up. I used to have this set (downloaded from here) installed in my game and it worked fine, but due to an unrelated issue I had to uninstall / reinstall everything. I confirmed that I do have the store fixes set up correctly and everything, and all of of my other store content downloaded from here works fine. Any tips or ideas for what I might try? 

Thank you!


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Issues installing Stones Throw Greenhouse. Empty Re: Issues installing Stones Throw Greenhouse.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 06 Feb 2020, 22:50

Hello @crashley1784 and sorry for the slightly belated reply,

Are you positive that you downloaded the item(s) from G4TW? If my memory doesn't fail me now, I believe that this error is caused by non-decrapified store content. Which doesn't apply to G4TW's store stuff. Check out this thread here, or simply search on the internet for "Sims 3 Decrapify tool":

But it's strange, since G4TW's store items are entirely decrapified already. WhatDidUJustCallMe?


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