OLD DLC not showing up. [SOLVED]

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OLD DLC not showing up. [SOLVED] Empty OLD DLC not showing up. [SOLVED]

Post by heat2008 on Thu 27 Feb 2020, 04:32

I knew I was going to update Windows with a fresh install so I saved my Sims 4 folder to an external HD to paste it back later. I update and paste the folder then download the Tiny Living update and patch but the only DLC I see is Tiny Living. All the other DLC/folders are in the Sims 4 directory but only Tiny Living shows up. Is there any way for me to fix this besides re-downloading pretty much the entire sims 4 catalog?


I deleted the entire folder Sims 4 and settings from my games then reinstalled the old folder again which has everything before tiny living. It worked just fine. I install paste tiny living, which is just the SP16 folder, then the patch over the old folder and it's back to just showing Tiny Living as owned DLC. I deleted the game_ folder before installing. Not sure what the problem is.


Edit 2: (I wish I could edit posts)
Soooo I apparently skipped the last step. Never had to use the DLC activator before but I downloaded that and everything works fine. You can delete/close this.


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OLD DLC not showing up. [SOLVED] Empty Re: OLD DLC not showing up. [SOLVED]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 27 Feb 2020, 07:40

@heat2008 wrote: Not sure what the problem is.

Hello and welcome to the G4TW Forums @heat2008,

It's usually a file-/folder-permissions problem, which in turn is related to Window$ being "well-meaning". And which in turn is usually the opposite of "well-done". This here is one way to fix this, albeit a very controversial method.

Also, if there are problems with the "old format repacks" of TS4, then you don't need to re-install the catalogue of 20+ steps. We now have this here, though for simplicity I will refrain from posting more detailed explanations. But basically it's about (re-)installing one (1) patch, maybe re-applying individual DLC folders, and then anadius's dlc-toggler. And boom, you're done.

And we have turned off editing permissions in most Forum sections, due to the function being abused for retro-actively editing or even deleting existing posts. And even during those years when we had the function active, barely anybody used it properly, anyways. Personal info, rule-breaking content, and any other "illegal text/imagery" will be removed anyways. For everything else people don't need these permissions. Unless we are forced (by the Forum host) to remove other stuff, posts will generally remain untouched. Which I highly doubt will happen, but I'm digressing.

Feel free to get back in touch with us again, anytime. Problem solved and topic closed. 

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