Sims 4 Anadius error

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Sims 4 Anadius error Empty Sims 4 Anadius error

Post by Ashetiz on Mon 09 Mar 2020, 13:50

So I have the legit base game and wanted to download the backyard stuff dlc only. I have the latest version and have no dlcs at the moment. I download everything i needed. The no-origin-fix- The dlc installer and the backyard stuff xbin file. When I open the dlc installer it asks me to pick an install location and I Picked my sims 4 folder in program files (x86). When I click next it says "No origin fix rar found. Download it and put next to the installer. How can I do this? or fix it.


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Sims 4 Anadius error Empty Re: Sims 4 Anadius error

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 10 Mar 2020, 06:36

Hello @Ashetiz and welcome to the G4TW Forums,

As a 'preface', I never used those installers myself, although I am aware of what they do (and after all, G4TW's spin-off version of these alt-installers attempts to achieve a similar result).

Are you sure that the no-origin-fix file is located in the same folder path as the .exe from which the installation is being started? Have you also made sure that the no-origin-fix file is not being purged by any antivirus software, and that you added all necessary exclusion paths, in your antivirus software? Is the Downloads-folder of yours also added to said exclusions?

I'm sorry I'm not able to give more insight to the issue, as said, I never used them myself. I can tag @Sim Architect though, as he was the only one on G4TW who knew anadius somewhat-well. Maybe Sim Architect can offer more insights here.
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Sims 4 Anadius error Empty Re: Sims 4 Anadius error

Post by Sim Architect on Tue 10 Mar 2020, 17:28

Hi! Thanks for tagging me, @The_gh0stm4n.

Sadly I am also not using those installers anymore, I only have an all in one right now (and its incremental updates) that I currently use, which is my own repack, and the items published by G4TW.

My version is "open", so you can get any file(s) you need from it by using your torrent client (just de-select what you don't want after you start downloading, then place the files you want into the similar location of your install), but I honestly tend to recommend everybody to avoid mixing flavors (origin x no origin).

If you can afford the time, bandwidth and disk space, why not get the latest All in One and install everything at once? You can disable anything you don't like by using the DLC Toggler or the DLC Uninstaller that's included. 😇

You can also change the language of the game, of course 😉

Enjoy the game however you want it, because you own it!

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