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"Will the world go down now??" - a very quick Forum update!

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"Will the world go down now??" - a very quick Forum update! Empty "Will the world go down now??" - a very quick Forum update!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 20 Mar 2020, 04:50

Since we seem to be experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime crisis now ... I thought I give a brief comment about operations on here as well. As governments & people all around are scrambling and struggling to bring the "SARS COVID-19" pandemic under control, what we're seeing now is a total change in lifestyle, and things we have gotten so used to.

For example, will this item here become a precious commodity? Let's hope not. Very Happy

"Will the world go down now??" - a very quick Forum update! SOYqM41

Luckily, since I've caught myself H1N1 about a decade ago, I am now super-pedantic with hygiene. I basically avoid touching any doorknob or handle outside my house, with my bare hands (and instead, use my sleeve or something else). I've also included frequent hand- and face-washing, and I also avoid touching anything related to my face, before hands are washed.

No doubt will there be again wisecracks saying that "these measures don't actually help avoiding the coronavirus". Yes, they are no guarantee to avoid the virus. But until there is some antidote or vaccine, it's the best you can do. Make an effort to not fall into the trap of black-and-white thinking.

Additional tips, though by now you've probably heard about it elsewhere:

Arrow   avoid shaking hands, or for that matter even these "cheek kisses" that are so common in some countries
Arrow  avoid sneezing or coughing "into the air" if you can; use your elbows to cover the cough/sneeze
Arrow  hand-wash for at least 30-40 seconds, with soap or a suitable hand sanitizer
Arrow  don't forget to disinfect/clean objects you commonly use (e.g. smartphone) as well! Use a damp cloth plus soap, that is more than OK.
Arrow  if you Need to use hand sanitizer, inform yourselves if it specifically helps against viruses. In case of doubt, ask. 
Arrow  some people suggest keeping a distance of at least a meter or two, between people. Though I've heard if transmitted through the air, the virus can "fly" much farther so ... might be an idea to avoid other people for the time being. Use Skype or some other means of video-messaging.
Arrow  not sure about these cheap face masks that people are using more and more now. I believe only those masks for medical professionals will help, though I'm not sure if they are on sale for normal people. I myself wouldn't buy them either way, and help making sure they are available for those people who really need it (for work)
Arrow  fresh air is also important, so make sure to open your windows regularly, and let in some fresh air.
Arrow  help each other out, if it is safe to do so. Don't forget to say "thank you"; give positive encouragement to other people.

I also found this here in the basement (Ethanol). Which I use for disinfecting door knobs and similar things within the house.

"Will the world go down now??" - a very quick Forum update! DsMbCLK

Whatever you end up doing, do your best to maintain hygiene.

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

I myself am doing OK so far, though of course that can change. ~Ann~ also seems OK so far. Either way, while the world goes down (or at least is paralyzed for some time to come), I shall try and give you here some company. No doubt that prospect will be depressing for  some  most of you, but one needs to do, what needs to be done! We'll go on with "business as usual" on here, until the end!

Good luck everybody, and stay safe. danger! beware!! danger! beware!! danger! beware!!
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