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Sims 3 Complete Edition.

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Sims 3 Complete Edition. Empty Sims 3 Complete Edition.

Post by Guest on Sun 05 Apr 2020, 04:39

Hi everyone,

I wasn't sure if this was a topic already created and also what to search for specifically to find an answer. My question is: Can I manually remove certain expansions once I download the complete edition? The reason I'm asking, it's going to take a while to download each of them individually and then I don't want / need every single expansion. Is it possible to install all, then just remove the expansions I don't want after? If it is, can anyone guide me on how to do so?


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Sims 3 Complete Edition. Empty Re: Sims 3 Complete Edition.

Post by Sim Architect on Sun 03 May 2020, 00:05

Left Click Start Button
Type Control (not the key, the word)
Open the Control Panel
Click on "Programs and Features"

You can remove all unwanted expansions there, but you should keep at least Into The Future if possible, since it's the latest one and may be necessary for things to work well.

Enjoy the game however you want it, because you own it!

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